Network Meetings

Wednesday Mornings at 7:15A.M.
At Jaden's Catering in Monroeville

We Are Looking for New Members

  • Security Company
  • Water Delivery
  • Home Health Care
  • Junk Removal & Hauling
  • Pet Groomer or Sitter

Network Meetings

Wednesday Mornings at 7:15A.M.
At Jaden's Catering in Monroeville

We Are Looking for New Members

  • Security Company
  • Water Delivery
  • Home Health Care
  • Junk Removal & Hauling
  • Pet Groomer or Sitter

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Benefitting Toys for Pittsburgh Tikes

Annual GPBC/TFTP Golf Outing 2022

Monday, September 26, 2022 

Benefits Toys for Pittsburgh Tikes!

The largest weekly networking group in the Pittsburgh area, projected to reach 70 businesses in 2022!


The Member Spotlight for the month is S&T Bank. "In 2022, S&T Bank received a J.D. Power Award, ranking highest in overall customer satisfaction with retail banking in the Pennsylvania Region." Please check out the S&T Bank Spotlight and share on your Social Media. […] Read All About It


This week the Google Review spotlight is also for Davis, Davis & Associates. Click the Google Review Link or visit the Member Listing page, find Davis, Davis & Associates, and click the Give a Google Review link.

GPBC Family Summer Picnic

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2022 GPBC/TFTP Golf Outing

GPBC/TFPT Golf Outing Monday 9/26/2022 at Westmoreland County Country Club Benefits Toys for Pittsburgh Tikes! Our event will […]

GPBC Holiday Party

GPBC Holiday Party Saturday, January 21, 2023 | Greater Pittsburgh Business Connection – Holiday Party Join us for […]


Our business partners and networking group members take pride in helping each other to achieve success and longevity in their businesses. Our members constantly try to do things that will better the overall nature of the group. Our weekly breakfast meetings provide a time for members to interact, learn, and expand their businesses.



For Over 25 years the Greater Pittsburgh Business Connection (GPBC) has been a dedicated group of business professionals committed to expanding their business through professional networking. GPBC is run and governed by members for members.

We currently have 60+ members!

Our goal is to support each other by furnishing appropriate business referrals. Each member represents a single business classification and is responsible for our growth through the providing of business referrals and through the introduction of new business into our group.

Our members will at all times maintain the highest degree of professional standards and courtesy..

A Special Thank You

GPBC would like to extend a special thank you to these members for their continued support and assistance with special projects, educational presentations, technical support during meetings, and contributions to the GPBC and Toys for Pittsburgh Tikes websites.

  • Javid Shojaie
    For almost 25 years, I have been a member of the Greater Pittsburgh Business Connection. In addition to patronizing different services from our members during this time, I have reached out for these members’ advice and consulted with them for different projects/tasks for my business. Trust, integrity, and value are the top three reasons why GPBC is vital to my business. I am hard-pressed to name a local networking group with the kind of history, knowledge, and class of membership that GPBC has to offer!
    Javid Shojaie
    Jaden’s Catering
  • Ken Kelsey
    Signs of Excellence, Inc. joined Greater Pittsburgh Business Connection in September 2015. I was informed soon after I joined that based on the results that previous members in my category had achieved, I could expect to see a modest increase in sales. That turned out to be an understatement. In less than six months, referrals from this group resulted in sales of over $20,000. At the same time, Signs of Excellence has purchased products and services from many of the group members at below market prices. And I have formed many friendships along the way. With nearly 60 business categories represented in the group, just about every business product or service that I need is there; and it’s great to do business with people you know and trust. The meetings are interesting, very helpful, fun and professional. I highly recommend GPBC.” 
    Ken Kelsey
  • Melinda Lieb McNamara
    I wanted to give a written testimonial to Sharon Battle of Sharon Battle Travel, who helped my husband and I plan our honeymoon. After analyzing our wants, needs, and interests, Sharon recommended a guided tour through Gate1 Travel. The trip completely exceeded our expectations. The tour was exactly what we were looking for; Not only was it well planned, but we didn’t have to worry about a single thing. The transportation, meals, hotels, and tours were all planned and ready upon arrival. It was the most carefree vacation I have ever been on. The pricing was competitive and the service was second to none. We are so thankful that we went through Sharon Battle Travel!
    Melinda Lieb McNamara
    Avenue to Close for Sharon Battle Travel


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