Meeting News 

Effective this Wednesday 11/25/2020 we are requesting all members to join via ZOOM as usual at 7:30 am vs. 7:00 am. 

The board members along with James (no other officers) will be at Jaden’s for only an hour during that hour to monitor the meeting.  We will follow the normal agenda as usual to keep everyone updated.  If you need any assistance how to log in please reach out to any officers to help you with that task.

We only have 4 more meetings left on this calendar year and we will make the best of it considering our current situation.  The speaker program will remain the same and there will be more communication through emails in next few weeks.

1/6/2021 will be our first official meeting however we will confirm that as we get closer to that date.  I along with the entire board would like to wish you and your families a Great “ THANKSGIVING “ and Happiest holiday season.  Stay safe and stay healthy.

2020 Golf Outing Canceled.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, this year’s Golf Outing, previously schedule for 9/21/20 has been canceled.

About Our Organization

For Over 25 years the Greater Pittsburgh Business Connection (GPBC) has been a dedicated group of business professionals committed to expanding their business through professional networking. GPBC is run and governed by members for members. We currently have 65+ members!

Our goal is to support each other by furnishing appropriate business referrals.Each member represents a single business classification and is responsible for our growth through the providing of business referrals and through the introduction of new business into our group. Our members will at all times maintain the highest degree of professional standards and courtesy.


Why Join GPBC?

GPBC is comprised of self motivated business owners and/or representatives who become a very active part of your sales force!
Members use their business to help provide valuable leads which turn into business for you!

Imagine the potential! This is the out of the box thinking you need. Quality leads coming from sources outside of your competition’s reach. Members meet once a week where you are able to present your business to all members on a regular basis.

No conflicts of interest are allowed. Once you’re a member, you reserve that business classification. Meaning once you’ve joined, your competition can’t.

GPBC is an ethical organization. Ethics and standards are maintained by all members according to our by-laws.

Get great business leads and make some great professional friends in the process. Business has just become easier with the Greater Pittsburgh Business Connection!

Our Business Partners

Our business partners and networking group members take pride in helping each other to achieve success and longevity in their businesses. Our members constantly try to do things that will better the overall nature of the group. Our weekly breakfast meetings provide a time for members to interact, learn, and expand their businesses.