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Don’s Appliances

Don's Appliances LogoDon’s Appliances is a family-owned, independent appliance retailer owned by Tim, Terry, Matt, Jason, and Nick Hillebrand.  Founded by their parents Donald and Jill Hillebrand in 1971, Donald opened the company with only one other employee selling appliances from a storefront in Upper St. Clair.  He would run service and delivery/installation calls during the day and the showroom would be open at night to sell appliances. 

Now, 50 years later, Don’s Appliances has expanded to 10 locations selling, delivering, installing, and servicing all major appliance brands including Duggan’s Service and Appliance in Erie, PA.  More recently, Don’s has added kitchen and bath fixtures to our product mix.  WATERSOURCE by Don’s Appliances, our dedicated kitchen and bath showroom, is located in East Liberty.  In 2019, we opened our first Factory Outlet location in North Fayette selling discounted appliances and water products.  In January 2022, Don’s Appliances will be opening its 11th location in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Large enough to offer competitive pricing, yet small enough to continue offering the “white glove” service we were founded on, our focus is always on the customer experience, from the first step into a showroom to purchase and well after our product has been installed. 

Hildebrand Family of Don's AppliancesExceptional sales, service and customer satisfaction are the backbone of our culture.


Contact: Jeff Giles

Phone: 412-919-3559

Follow us on Social Media:

Instagram: donsappliances1971

Facebook: Don’s Appliances

Tik-Tok: donsappliances_1971

Youtube: Don’s Appliances

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT | Bowser Automotive

Bowser Automotive

Bowser AutomotiveBowser Automotive Inc. is a family owned and operated group of dealerships that began in 1983 by Mr. Gary K. Bowser.

Over 30 years later, the Bowser brand has expanded to three locations -Pleasant Hills, Monroeville and Beaver Falls. Mr. Bowser, along with his sons, Gary Jr. and Kurt Bowser, are proud to serve the Greater Pittsburgh and surrounding areas by providing quality products and top-rated services.

When you visit any of our dealerships, you become a part of the Power of Bowser family.

Our friendly staff will go above and beyond your expectations whether you’re looking to purchase or lease a new vehicle, need routine maintenance work or even collision and body work performed. They are professional, attentive and efficient. Many of them have been a part of our family here since the very beginning and truly understand what it means to provide customers with one of the best dealership experiences they’ve ever had.

Sam & Kim Iovino

Sam and Kim Iovino

At the Power of Bowser, our family strives to be the leader in honesty and professionalism.

Ask for Sam Iovino

If you’re in need of a new vehicle, not only is Bowser Chevrolet in Monroeville the place to go, but Sam Iovino is the person to see. With over 20 years in the automotive business, Sam’s goal is to not just find you a vehicle; but to find you the perfect vehicle to fit your needs and budget. Stop into Bowser Chevrolet in Monroeville and let Sam and the team go to work for you.

We accomplish our goals by providing every customer with a great service and buying experience in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Contact: Sam Iovino

eMail: [email protected]

Phone: 724-327-0900

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MEMBER SPOTLIGHT | Ives Eyecare Center

Ives Eyecare Center

“I’ve never needed glasses and I see just fine…

Why do I need an annual eye exam?”

Ives Eyecare CenterA common misperception when seeing an Optometrist is that all they perform are Vision Exams for a pair of prescription glasses or contact lenses. This is absolutely not true!  While some practices focus primarily on vision care, ALL optometrists have been well trained to diagnose, treat and monitor many eye conditions that you may not know you have.

Have you been diagnosed with Diabetes? What about high cholesterol, Hypertension or a past stroke? Do you have dry, itchy eyes, floaters, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus Erythematosus, Sjogren’s Disease or other inflammatory condition?  Then you also should be evaluated by an eye doctor yearly!

Many systemic conditions can manifest in the eyes first being that the eyes contain the smallest blood vessels in the body.  Comprehensive eye evaluations can show signs of mismanaged Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and many systemic inflammatory diseases.  Diabetes is still the number cause of preventable blindness in the United States. Preventable!  

What about kids?

The American Optometric Association recommends eye exams for infants between the ages of 6 months to 1 year old, at 3 years old, and prior to entering 1st grade.  An Optometrist does not just check your vision for a glasses prescription, they evaluate the health of all aspects of your eyes internally, externally, and how well your visual system works with both eyes together.

Many young children are misdiagnosed with learning disabilities and reading disorders that are often associated with a visual function problem that could easily be mended with a pair of glasses.  

At Ives Eyecare Center, we strive to provide the best comprehensive care for our community.

We have served 75 years of practice in the West Newton location and are currently 3 generations strong. We are invested in the continued care we provide to our patients and aim to exceed expectations.  If you struggle with fluctuating or blurred vision, or simply haven’t had a comprehensive exam in years, contact us today for an appointment!

Visit our website for more information about different eye conditions and diseases we commonly manage:

Murrysville: 724-733-1918

West Newton: 724-872-5621

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MEMBER SPOTLIGHT | Court Pest Control

Court Pest Control

Court Pest ControlBed Bugs, Termites, Earwigs, and more!

It’s your home, and pests aren’t welcome to it. Some intruders are just annoying, while others carry disease or do ral damage to your property. At Court Pest Control, we handle it all.

If you’re looking for high quality and personal service you’ve come to the right place. We understand having a pest problem is not an ideal situation but we seek to remedy this as quickly as possible. At Court Pest Control we’ll give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy.

When scheduling an appointment, we’ll work to YOUR schedule and not expect you to wait around for us all day. We’ll be responsive to your request and provide you a fairly specific time that one of our qualified pest management teams will be on site and ready to remove the pest problem you’ve inquired about.

unwelcome guests

We take care of unwelcome guests and creepy crawly pests.

From crawling insects to unwelcome wildlife, Court Pest Control is up to the challenge of keeping your home pest free.

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Doug Reilly

Location – 3131 Fifth Ave North, Versailles, PA 15137

Business Hours:  Monday-Friday: 9AM-5PM (Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED)

Phone Number: (412) 672- PEST

Email: [email protected]


Google Business Pages and Google Reviews

This Page Supplements Our Presentation on Google Reviews

You can download our slideshow presented during the meeting as a PDF file by clicking the icon at right.


Why Care About Google Reviews?

  • People can find your business on Google and give you bad (or good) reviews, even if you pay no attention. Problem is, if you have bad reviews, consumers and clients will pay attention.
  • Your Google reviews contribute to your business reputation online.
  • Google Reviews affect how well your business shows up online.

What About My Google Business Page?

  • If you control your Google Business Page, you can respond to negative reviews.
  • You can updated your information, link to your website, advertise online, and more.
  • You can send a link to your customers and encourage them to Review Your Business

So, Let’s Start at the Beginning

Your Google Business Page and Google Reviews

Sign In using your Google Login.  (Google has one universal login, so if you have a Gmail account, you would use that email and password.)

Possible Complications

ONE – Once logged in, if Google doesn’t recognize your account as having a tie directly to a Google Business page, it will give you the opportunity to find your page.

TWO – Once you find your page, a verification process may be necessary. Google might send an email, a post card, or make a call to a phone number with a code to enter.

THREE – Google might say someone else has control of your Google Business page and you have to request access from them.  Often this is an employee, perhaps a former employee who thought they were being helpful. There is a process to regaining control of the site.








Customizing and Sharing a Review Link

Once you log in, the control screen looks like the image below.











When you scroll down, there is a Share Review Form block.








When you select Share Review Form, you have both the opportunity to share a link via Social Media and Email, you can also edit the link (click the pencil icon). 

The link shown in the box is the one you can properly send to anyone.  When they click it, it will take them to Google’s review page for your business.











Editing the link allows you to customize it with the name of your business.  For example:

Original link:

Edited Link:

When Your Customer Clicks the Link

Whether customized or not, when your customer clicks the review link, a review pop-up appears directly.

Possible Complications

ONE – Google Reviews can only be left by people with Google Accounts (such as Gmail, Google Docs, or YouTube)

TWO – If you are not signed in to your Google Account when you click the link, the Google pop-up changes – presenting a Sign-in box to allow you to log in.

THREE – If you forgot your password, Google gives you a link to try to reset your password.  Of course, this requires the user to be able to check the email associated with their Google account.

FOUR – If you don’t have a Google account, the pop-up gives you the opportunity to create an account.  This too may require you to have access to an email account to complete your signup.

Leaving a Good Google Review

The biggest thing to know is this – don’t leave general comments.  When your review is generic, as in “Bob does a good job, and I highly recommend Bob’s company anytime you need your TV fixed,” then Google sees this as spam.

Google reviews should be specific to an experience you had with the company.  Example: “I took my old Panasonic TV to Bob, the one none of the other fix it shops could get running again. Bob brought the TV back to life with perfect color.”

In all cases, fake reviews are a violation of Google policy and in some cases may be illegal and punishable by both State and Federal Law, including substantial monetary fines (A car dealer in 2017 was fined $3.6 million by the FTC for deceptive online reviews.)

Leaving Reviews without Links

Customers can leave reviews without having a link from the company.  To do this, they need to search Google for the name of the company.

If the company has a Google Business page, it will appear to the right. 

Click the link next to the Review Stars.

This starts the same process as described above, as if they have clicked on the custom link sent by the company.


For Help with Google Business Pages

When you have trouble claiming or updating your Google Business page, it is usually not a technical issue so much as confusion about claiming the page and making sure it is under your control.

Your web developer or computer IT person can likely help you with most issues.  At Chroma Marketing we’ve had a fair amount of experience in this area, even to the point where a client needed to update the directory signage in their building to satisfy Google’s requirements for proof of location.

The biggest takeaways for all this are:

  • Be aware of what Google Reviews you do have. 
  • If they are bad reviews, you may wish to take some action, like responding or soliciting good reviews from some of your best customers.
  • Whether you want it or not; whether you control it or not, your business probably has a Google Business Page, which you can edit and update, use to solicit Google Reviews, and help promote your business.

Links for more information at Google Support

How to Add or Claim Your Business on Google My Business (includes a short video).

How to Create a Google Account




MEMBER SPOTLIGHT | Davis, Davis & Associates

Davis, Davis & Associates

Accounting Solutions to Help Your Business Succeed

Davis, Davis & Associates is a Pennsylvania CPA firm providing accounting, tax, and business advisory services to corporations, small businesses and individuals throughout the Pittsburgh region.

To better meet the needs of our clients, we have individualized services for clients in industries like medical/dental accounting, real estate accounting, financial services accounting, restaurant accounting, estate & trust accounting, professional services and various consumer services. These individualized services have enabled us to address their industry specific challenges, compliance needs and standard tax practices.

Joel B. Davis, CPA

Joel B. Davis, CPA is a 2007 graduate of Duquesne University, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration. He is a licensed CPA in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Joel worked for two years at Schneider Downs & Co, Inc. in their tax department before transferring to Davis, Davis, and Associates in the fall of 2009. He is a member of the American and Pennsylvania Institutes of Certified Public Accountants.

Tax Services

Davis, Davis & Associates assists clients with a wide range of tax services from simple tax return preparation to more complex tax planning strategies.

Accounting Services

Our Pittsburgh, PA CPA firm focuses on meeting the accounting and bookkeeping demands of small businesses allowing them to focus on running their business.

Niche Industries

Give yourself the competitive edge by working with qualified and experienced Pittsburgh, PA accountants who know how the tax laws apply to businesses in your industry. We serve Healthcare, Real Estate, Restaurants, and more.


Joel Davis

Location – Pittsburgh, PA

Phone Number: 412-391-2226 X14

Email:  [email protected]


MEMBER SPOTLIGHT | Cammuso’s Salon


Cammuso’s Salon

A Full Service Salon – Walk-Ins Welcome

At Cammuso’s. we take the time to listen and treat each of our customers with the attention and care they deserve.  Our welcoming staff is made up of licensed cosmetologists, and licensed estheticians.  Our goal is to set the bar for Pittsburgh area hair salons.  

At Cammuso’s, we’re a part of your community, serving families, brides, businessmen, and more.  You can learn more at our website:

Salon Services

We’re a family owned salon with three generations in business and over 100 years experience.  Our celebrated results and famously friendly staff are here for you.  Let us make your day! 

Learn more by visiting our website’s Salon Services page.

Spa Services

Adding a Touch of Beauty to Your Every Day. At Cammuso’s, we know a great look is for more than special occasions. Looking your best enhances confidence, helps you put your best foot forward, and invites compliments that ease communication with everyone you meet.

Whether you choose Cammuso’s for our s

Signature facials, waxing, manicures, pedicures, nail services, you’ll leave refreshed, renewed, and ready to make a beautiful impression. 

Learn more by visiting our website’s Spa Services page.


You’ll find no more caring, experienced, and understanding staff to help with your wig and wig care needs than at Cammuso’s.  From synthetic wigs and human hair wigs to wig fitting and wig cleaning, you’ll find what you need here. 

Our private wig room displays both wigs for women and hair enhancements for men, all from some of the finest wig crafters in the world.

Learn more by visiting our website’s Wig Salon page.

Gift Cards

Purchase our gift cards in any amount.  Visit Cammuso’s to reload them when used.  The ultimate in convenience and practical gift giving, a salon & spa gift card from Cammuso’s is a gesture that is a pleasure to give and a treasure to receive.

Learn more by visiting our website’s Gift Card page.

Service Area

Cammuso’s Salon, Spa & Wigs, serving Plum and Pittsburgh area, including but not limited to the communities of Apollo, Churchill, Delmont, Export, Greensburg, Oakmont, Monroeville, Murrysville, Verona, and more.



Jerry Cammuso


Holiday Park Shopping Center
2350 Golden Mile Highway, Route 286
Plum, PA 15239

Phone Number: 724-325-1950

Email: [email protected]


MEMBER SPOTLIGHT | Antrilli Florist

Floral Arrangement from Antrilli Florist

Antrilli Florist

Call Us for the Personal Service You Deserve

At Antrilli Florist, we always recommend you call us for the service you deserve. While you can order online, our experienced staff is here to verify product availability, recommend the freshest blooms for the season, and deliver the best arrangement your money can buy. That’s the personal service you receive every time you call us at 800-878-2282.

Whether you’re celebrating the birth of a child, the kindness of a friend, the closing of a business deal or sending condolences, flowers from ANTRILLI FLORIST will make any occasion special.

Proudly serving the Turtle Creek, PA area, we’re a full-service local florist that is family-owned and operated. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you with placing orders for local delivery or anywhere in the world. Not sure what to send? We’ll gladly help you with creative suggestions! For your convenience, we offer daily floral delivery to local funeral homes and hospitals.

anniversary flowers arrangement

Online For You, All The Time

When you don’t have time to call, we know you’ll enjoy our online shopping experience with secure ordering and checkout. From sympathy and seasonal specials to romance and custom orders, it’s all online and only a few clicks away.  Visit us at 

If preferred, you may call us to place orders direct at 800-878-2282.

You can always depend on our courteous staff to help you with ordering flowers for the funeral of a loved one or friend. We will design and deliver a funeral arrangement that beautifully conveys your expression of sympathy and serves as a lovely memorial to the deceased.

We will ensure your special day is a blooming success! We love designing beautiful wedding and event florals to fit any budget. Call us in advance at (800) 878-2282 to set up an appointment for a consultation.

Call or visit us today. We look forward to meeting you! Thank you for ordering flowers delivered fresh from your local Turtle Creek florist.

flowers, sympathy arrangement


Dennis Antrilli

Location: Turtle Creek, PA

Local Number: 412-823-2282
Toll Free:  800-878-2282

Email: [email protected]


MEMBER SPOTLIGHT | Metal Photo Service

Metal Photo Service, Inc.

Metal Photo Service, Inc. Screen Printing and Embroidery

Metal Photo Service prints on apparel using a variety of methods, including screen printing, heat sealed vinyl, direct to garment, and embroidery.

Each method has its best uses and allows Metal Photo Service to deliver exceptional quality on name brand t-shirts and clothing lines like Sport-Tek, Nike, CornerStone, Reebok, Wrangler, and many more.

Jason Saunders, Metal Photo

Metal Photo Service has been serving the Pittsburgh Region since 1954 and has been owned for a number of years by Jason and Tara Saunders, who are active in the community and support a number of charities.

Screen Printing

With screen printing, ink is pressed through a screen onto a variety of apparel, ranging from t-shirts to towels and koozies.  Up to six screens and six colors can be used in a process which allows for layering, halftones, and gradients.

Screen printing has a few limitations. It is most appropriate on larger orders where all the pieces are printed using the same artwork.

Heat Sealed Vinyl

Perfect for a little league baseball jerseys, heat sealed vinyl is full color and is an effective method to use with low quantity orders. With this method, vinyl is cut into shapes and applied to a fabric, then sealed with a heat press. No minimum orders are required.

Designs are limited to 1-3 colors, with layering of colors possible

Direct to Garment

Direct to garment is great for achieving detailed designs at a reasonable cost. This method uses water-based inks in a large inkjet printer system capable of printing directly on apparel and other fabrics. High cotton content materials are recommended.

Direct to garment is a great solution for one-of-a-kind designs, because no minimum order is required. The method is quick and easy, as well as perfect for light colors on dark apparel.


Embroidery is one of the most traditional methods of personalizing apparel, and even today it delivers the highest end professional look. Because embroidery involves stitching threads into fabric using digitized patterns.  It is a durable method, and a single inch of embroidery often contains over 2,000 stitches.

No minimum orders are required.

At Metal Photo Service, we serve the Pittsburgh region, including Allegheny and Westmoreland Counties.


Jason Saunders

Location – Wall, PA 15148

Main Number- 412-829-2992

Email: [email protected]



Greater Pittsburgh Business Connection

Greater Pittsburgh Business ConnectionThe Networking Group That Means Business

With over 60 dedicated members and growing, the Greater Pittsburgh Business Connection in Monroeville is what your business needs to succeed in the year ahead.

This is a networking group that delivers real opportunity. Members are committed to bringing a minimum of two quality referrals each month, and by getting to know one another’s businesses, they always have reliable partners to call on for the services and support they need.

Professionals Who Are Ready to Hear Your Story

Members meet every Wednesday morning at 7:15 am for breakfast and comradeship at Jaden’s Catering in Monroeville. Each week has its own speaking lineup, with a rotating schedule that gives members 2, 5, and 10-minute presentation opportunities throughout the year.

Seating shifts weekly, giving members the chance to interact with different businesses at every meeting. All members are given the group’s attention for a 30-second pitch each week, and member conversations and referrals often start before 7:00 am.

You will be heard, and business referred, as members learn what your company has to offer and what makes a good referral for you.

Because so many experienced entrepreneurs attend GPBC meetings, there are also opportunities to learn about business techniques, hear about community issues, attend events like our annual Golf Outing, Summer Picnic, and Fall Business Showcase. You’re also encouraged to contribute to worthwhile causes, like Toys for Pittsburgh Tikes.

Open Categories are Limited

GPBC is a category limited networking group. Before applying, please check out our Member Directory to see which categories are already filled.

Current openings include, but are not limited to:

  • Dentist
  • Events DJ
  • Flooring
  • Junk Removal & Hauling
  • Lawn Services
  • Locksmith
  • Self-Storage Facility
  • Solar Power
  • Specialty Promotional Items

Prospective members undergo background checks and are voted in by the full membership of GPBC. Membership dues are payable quarterly, prior to the beginning of each quarter.

COVID Precautions

While meeting attendance is mandatory, at GPBC, we offer a clean and sanitized environment for our members and guests and follow CDC and Local Health Department regulations on a regular basis. There are hand sanitization stations at the entrance and before the breakfast buffet, and members wear masks when not seated at their tables.

Attendance by ZOOM is available for anyone who wants to attend from the office or home.

Contact Greater Pittsburgh Business Connection

Contact us today. We’re looking forward to learning more about your business and to helping you succeed as part of the local business community.