Our Members

Contact: Joel Davis
(412) 391-2226 x14 Web: Davis, Davis & Associates
Categories: Accountant
Contact: David Rancatore
Categories: Advertising Specialties
Contact: Greg Feorene
(412) 373-LIMO(5466) Web: Elite Corporation, Inc.
Categories: Auto Accessories/Limo Service
Contact: Brian Boyd
(412) 720-9829 Web: Boyd’s Automotive
Categories: Auto Body & Collision
Contact: Victor Olive
Categories: Auto/Truck Dealer
Contact: Kathy Schultheis
Categories: Bakery
Contact: Vince Lazor
412-798-3719 Web: S&T Bank
Categories: Banker
Contact: Stephen Wise
Categories: Carpet Cleaning Service
Contact: Javid Shojaie
Categories: Catering/Banquet Facilities
Contact: David P. Shields, D.C.
Categories: Chiropractor
Contact: Tina Jurick
Categories: Cleaning Service
Contact: Jim Evans
Categories: Computer Sales & Service
Contact: David Collins
Categories: Credit Card Processing
Contact: Jon Santavy
412-218-0913 Web: WUVAVI
Categories: Cyber Security Training
Contact: Rick Rivardo
724-327-2272 Web: Rick Rivardo, DMD
Categories: Dentist
Contact: Cathy Griffith
Categories: Digital Advertising Display
Contact: Nevin Harris
Categories: Direct Mail
Contact: Harold Katofsky
Categories: Disaster Recovery
Contact: Bridget Davis
Categories: Dog & Cat Grooming
Contact: Steve Mackowick
412-616-8512 Web: SJM Power
Categories: Electrician
Contact: Jason Saunders
Categories: Embroidery & Screen Printing
Contact: Jackie Hooper
Categories: Entertainment Scheduling
Contact: Lisa Ives
Categories: Eye Doctor
Contact: Brian Heberle
Categories: Financial Advisor
Contact: Megan Saponaro
Categories: Fitness & Gym
Contact: Jason Blake
Categories: Floor Coating
Contact: Kevin Wolfe
724-325-1900 Web: Rusmur Floors
Categories: Floor Covering
Contact: Dennis Antrilli
412-823-2282 Web: Antrilli Florist
Categories: Florist
Contact: Michele Monstrola
Categories: Flower Preservation
Contact: Marianne Pack
Categories: Foundation Repair and Water Proofing
Contact: Jim Atticks
Categories: Funeral Director
Contact: Chuck Christner
Categories: Furniture Sales
Contact: Cliff Henderson
Categories: General Contractor
Contact: Doug Hill
Categories: Glass Installation
Contact: Jerry Cammuso
Categories: Hairstylist
Contact: Russ Fazio
Categories: Heating & Air Conditioning
Contact: Joe Castle
800-289-3001 Web: BPG Inspections
Categories: Home Inspections
Contact: Christopher Rupp
Categories: Insurance Services
Contact: Micah Tribou
Categories: Landscaper
Contact: Anthony Mangretta
Categories: Lawn Mowing & Snow Plowing
Contact: Valerie Pferdehirt
412-316-3342 x140 Web: Steel City Media
Categories: Media/Advertising/Marketing
Contact: Deborah Cavrak
724-590-0744 Web: The Ahfis
Categories: Office and Co-Working Space
Contact: Kim Harkobusic
Categories: Office Furniture & Installation
Contact: David Herchko
Categories: Painter
Contact: Doug Reilly
Categories: Pest Control
Contact: Diane Parker
412-795-1860 Web: Phones Plus PA
Categories: Phone Systems & Cabling
Contact: Carl Stillitano
724-382-5551 Web: CPS Photography
Categories: Photographer
Contact: Kim Rancatore
Categories: Printer
Contact: Cari Kocinski
Categories: Realtor
Contact: Chris Richardson
Categories: Overhead Garage Doors
Contact: Brent Zollner
Categories: Residential Mortgages
Contact: Emerson Fazekas II
724-331-4514 Web: Tesla Energy
Categories: Residential Solar Energy
Contact: Dan Hadley
412-856-5666 Web: Dad’s Pub & Grub
Categories: Restaurant & Bar
Contact: Trent Griffith
412-596-8444 Web: Talk’n Tables
Categories: Restaurant Table-Top Advertising
Contact: Greg Ashman
Categories: Safety Training
Contact: Brice Beaver
Categories: Security Alarm Systems
Contact: Ken Kelsey
Categories: Signs/Banners/Wraps
Contact: Joe Durkoske
Categories: Tires & Auto Service
Contact: Melinda McNamara
Categories: Title Insurance
Contact: Rick Green
724-325-7260 Web: InkCredibles
Categories: Toner, Ink & Office Supplies
Contact: Sharon Battle
Categories: Travel Agent
Contact: Scot Noel
Categories: Web Design & Online Marketing
Contact: Joe Montore
(724) 864-5429 Web: Squeegee Squad
Categories: Window Cleaning
Contact: Kim McConnell
Categories: Window Treatments
Contact: Drew Barto & Chris Saxton
Categories: Windows & Doors